"Who the heck is Jacobwitt_RBLX?"

Hey, I'm "Jacobwitt_RBLX" and I'm a student in Highschool and I enjoy playing Roblox in my free time. I also enjoy listening to Monstercat (Their my favorite artist like EVER) and Twenty One Pilots :)

I'm also a Graphic Designer and Roblox Modeler that builds for fun on a game called "ROBLOX" ROBLOX All of my works are usually house / town based right now, but In the future id like to model guns and etc. Most of my works are published to my Roblox Places Page, which can be found "Here"

Before I started Building, I would often Free-model, like most Roblox Noobs. Of course! And I eventually learned that free-modeling is BAD and that you probably shouldn't do it. This is when I first learned and tried to build for my self! I Built a place called "Project" Where I would attempt to make my visualization of a house. I would add things here or there but I still was using free-models "Project"

With time I got gradually better with building until now, and I actually enjoy building whenever I can find time! My new version of my Visual house is "House Showcase" and I continue to work on it to this very day!

Now, with a tiny bit of programming knowledge in me, I sometimes make other things (such as this website). this website is based off of a design by my friend mrsquer! you can find his website "Here!"

If you want to contact me for business/sales of models, read this, and DM me on Discord @Jacobwitt#5275.

Learning to Build

Building has been one of the hardest things I have ever learned. Building dosn't just come "Naturally" to someone, you have to build your way up to it.

You see, When I started off, I started with the basic "Build" buttom you got your insert tool, your delete tool, your resize tool, etc. Then around 2013, I found this wondrous thing called "Roblox studio" Oh my what a wondrous thing, I was still using free-models until 2014, then I found this thing called "Build competitions" where you would have an hour to build what ever you'd like with F3X and then youd be judged. That is when I found F3X a wonderful program I use for building to this day! I was set for building for quite a while until I found scripting. Now when it comes to scripting, I don't script much but I know how to tweak script code for forking which is enough to get by for now


So I live a very busy schedule (School, Clubs, Family etc.) and Your probably wondering; How do I get this guy to build me stuff? Well thats simple, but before I tell you. You must follow my Commissions rules.

If you wish to see what I'm capable of, please see the little sliding portfolio below this section.

With commissions, I do have a few guidelines that I work with.

If you have any more questions or you are interested in a purchasing a model or image from me, please DM me on Twitter or Discord! @Jacobwitt_RBLX.


Your probably wondering, Where's the your work that you value soo much?

Ive been through very many portfolio websites but I really enjoy Adobe's Behance. platform the link to my behance is above and also Here too.


That's really about it, I've told you pretty much everything there is to tell you.


This website wouldent have been possible without mrsquer. Thanks so much man!

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